What is Wireless Healing

Wireless Healing™ is the name for the remote or long distance energy healing system created by Dr. Art Karno, DC.

The Wireless Healing™ system works to:

  • Help you heal physical ailments
  • Unlock and empower your body’s natural healing ability
  • Strengthen your immune system to ward off future illness
  • Create and enjoy emotional well being
  • Correct your sabotaging thought patterns
  • Recharge your energy
  • Unlock creativity, increase mental focus and intuition
  • Slow down aging
  • Eliminate subconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving your life goals

Are All Sessions Done Remotely or Long Distance?

Yes. Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home or location. You do not have to interrupt your day or activities. You do not have to be on the phone during the session. You do not even have to be aware when the session takes place. You will be emailed a detailed report after the session.

How Does Remote or Distance Energy Healing Work?

It’s a lot easier to do than explain. Thanks to the science of quantum physics, the principles of remote or distance healing have now been proven as scientific fact.

A person can change their own or another person’s body function, health and emotional state by simply observing/focusing and intending the desired outcome.

The act of observing is called entanglement. You can entangle with your own body and mind or someone elses.

Since energy is not bound by time or space, the location of the person you are entangling with is not an issue.

The person can be in the same room, halfway across the world or in outer space.

The energy starts with the “sender” or person sending focused energy through an Energy Field that carries the energy frequency. The “receiver” or your intended person to be healed immediately receives the frequency.

How Does the Energy Being Sent Know Where to Go?

Every living being has their own unique energy signal. It is much like a web site and every page on that website that has its own URL or address.

Once the frequency of a person is identified with some piece of information, a name, location or even a description, the sender can “log” into the person’s energy frequency simply by thought intention.

Once your frequency and your target of intention has connected, the union is referred to in quantum physics as “entanglement”.

Does it Really Work?

Take a look at our testimonials.

  • Quantum physics, the newest branch of science proves that the energy of thought from one person can change the physical energy or matter of another person from any distance. It is the law of entanglement.
  • Major hospitals use energy healing as a regular course of treatment.
  • Thousands of studies have proved statistical improvement with energy healing.
  • And thousands of people around the world from all walks of life use energy healing everyday.
  • Even conservative government agencies like the army, CIA and police departments use remote energy for gathering intelligence and information.
  • The positive effects of energy healing have been written up in the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine and many other worldwide publications, as well as books and articles.
  • Just a few of many authors include Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Biology of Belief”, Dr. David Hawkins, MD, Phd. “Power vs Force”, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Phd, “A New Science of Life”, Lynn McTaggert, “The Field”.

How Does Wireless Healing™ Compare to Other Healing Systems?

Energy is the most powerful healing tool that has ever existed. Energy signals and frequencies are how the body and mind communicate to its organs, tissues, cells and functioning parts.

Nothing else does what pure energy healing can do. You will heal faster, more permanently and more completely. Because we repair the software of your body and mind.

Just like a computer, when your software has errors your computer will not be able to accurately complete your task until the errors are fixed.

The BodyMind works on information and feedback to start the acts of killing bacteria, eliminating toxins and all other body and mind functions. If the information is correct, the body automatically heals. If it is not correct, it will stay sick.

When function goes wrong in the body or mind, disease occurs. Poor function occurs because the body and mind are operating on errors and faulty communication. Errors then lead to faulty function and disease.

Energy can directly correct problems caused by faulty energy signals in the body and mind, because it goes straight to the errors causing the problem and corrects them.

Energy healing goes straight to the source. Energy can be directed to correct cell function, DNA, bacteria invasion, toxins, tissue and organ function, brain function, nerves, spinal movement, emotions etc.

And the bonus is you don’t have to go anywhere or interrupt your life. Sessions are done at your convenience, at any time, anywhere during any activity.

Energy is Smart

One of the best things about energy is that it is intelligent. We just put the energy in with our intentions and when it hits its target, it corrects information and goes to work in the body for the best outcome without any help from us.

Like water, the energy will flow to all areas where it is needed. The energy will fine tune your operating system on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Energy will automatically:

  • Clear acupuncture meridians
  • Charge the immune system
  • Eliminate bacteria and virus
  • Clear toxins and heavy metals
  • Improve organ and brain function
  • Slow down aging
  • Balance chakras
  • Recharge and reboot the brain
  • Boost your natural energy
  • Balance your emotions for peace and harmony
  • Empower your Energy Field connection to release blocks for life goals

How I Help You

My name is Art Karno. I am a licensed chiropractor and an expert in alternative health methods. I have over twenty five years of study and experience helping clients.

My ability to help you is based on my knowledge of physiology, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, emotional clearing, metaphysics, alternative medicine techniques and how the mind and body work together on many levels.

We work together as a team. You tell me what your health goals are. During a session I send energetic signals to you to create healing responses. You receive them and give me feedback on the changes.

Do You Have to Believe for it to Work?

No. You can have a normal degree of doubt and be skeptical. Many of my clients do. They ask for help because they need it and often nothing else has worked or lasted. However, it is helpful to have an open mind and a cooperative attitude.

Does This Work Because of the Placebo Method?

No. Placebo is not the principle by which Wireless Healing™ works.

When I work on animals, babies and small children, they do not know they are being worked on.  Sometimes in special situations, I am asked by one person to help another who does not know they are being helped.

The animals, babies, children and other adults that do not know they are being sent healing energy, get good results just like the rest of my clients.

Many of my clients do not know when I am doing their session. Yet, they “feel” something happening. They often report to me later after receiving their email report, they felt it when I was working on them.

Is This Harmful in Any Way?

No. It is the body and mind’s operating system’s job to heal, not harm. Any energy that enters the system will be processed and distributed according to the body and mind’s highest benefit and wisdom of needs. This ensures the best outcome for you.

How Long Does it Take to Heal

Wireless Healing™ is very effective. But it is not magic or a miracle. Even though it works faster and deeper than most other approaches, it’s healing speed is determined by the nature of the illness, age of the person and lifestyle.

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