Request Wireless Healing

1) Click here to open my contact form in a new window and select ‘Request Wireless Healing™’ or ‘Other’ from the drop down options.

2) You will be sent the Intake Guide by email. All necessary instructions and contact information are explained in the Intake Guide.

3) Fill out the guide online by inserting your replies within the Intake Guide or on a separate page.

4) Fees per session for new or returning clients not treated within 12 months are $85. The fees are paid by credit or debit card.

     Same day service:

  • If you have an emergency or special need and request same day service there is a $10 additional charge for that session.
  • Some problems need immediate attention like the flu, digestive ailments or traumas.

5) After each session you will be emailed a description of what was addressed in
the session along with any recommendations to support your healing.

6) You will follow up a few days after the session by email with updates on how you are feeling and any comments or questions. If you do not have email, then updates will be made by phone.