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Wireless Healing

Wireless Healing™ - WPH - Volume: 9- Issue: 13

You are receiving this if you are one of my clients or have ever inquired about healing or remote healing from Total Health Methods, Dr. Art or Dr. Art Karno.

Wireless Healing™ is a safe, holistic remote healing system merging medical science, alternative medicine and energy medicine to resolve health, emotional and life problems. Optimum health for men, women, children and animals.

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Message from Dr. Art Karno, DC.

Dr. Art KarnoFrom oil spills to earthquakes it’s an unsettling 3D world out there. Join in this edition of Wireless Healing™ and take a breather in the Energy Field.

What’s inside this issue?

          • Are You Having an Affair with a Stranger?
          • Why Wear Your Clothes Backwards?
          • Health Tip: How to Play the Field
          • Video: Entanglement explained in cartoon form

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Dr. Art Karno, DC

Are You Having an Affair with a Stranger?

Are you entangled? “Whoa, slow down with those personal questions, buddy.”

Actually, you are. It takes place in the Energy Field. That infinite area by which all things, matter and energy are connected.

Just when you finally grab some peace and quiet on the couch with a cup of something warm and fuzzy, along comes the idea that someone in the universe could be banging on your atoms looking for some meaningless momentary entanglement.

From Dr. Dean Radin's "Entangled Minds, Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality".

“We, and everything around us is made up of atoms. If the foundation of all atoms is this energy field, then we have this energy within us. Through and through. Everywhere. In fact, there is no beginning or end to it, where one atom starts and another stops. The energy is continuous.

And it turns out that this energy, when it moves in waves, has no boundaries, not in space, and not in time. So, you can consider yourself tethered, if you will, by this energy field in the background of every atom in your body, to everything that exists, has existed and will exist.

You really have no physical boundary when it comes to this energy field. And in fact, you are entangled energetically to everything else, to everyone else, in the physical world we see, and the non-physical world we don’t see, as in our consciousness, or more simply, our thoughts.” Dr. Dean Radin.

Of course the question has to arise. So what? What’s in it for me in the real world?

Entanglement allows you to heal with your thoughts, start a cosmic conversation with your dead aunt or your alive cousin, tell your dog to get off the couch when you’re not even home and pluck some information from the Energy Field tree of knowledge.

Downside to that answer:
Some entanglements can be so enabling, destructive, co dependent or just plain problematic, that they need to be cleared and balanced.

If you need some of your entanglements unraveled for a smoother ride through life, click on the link below.

To request Wireless Healing™ click here and get well now!

Why Wear Your Clothes Backwards?

I like to travel. Traveling is a sure fire way for me to feel most alive.

There is nothing familiar about your surroundings, everything you do has to be negotiated and figured out for the first time in that strange new land.

Where you eat, sleep, drive, walk and shower is new. Your eyes are wide open and so are your ears and nostrils for every new sound and smell. All your senses are heightened. All your nerve synapses are buzzing. You feel electric.

Check in with yourself. How alive and electric do you feel?

So do we have to travel to wake ourselves up and live in the moment? No. All you have to do to wake up your inner zombie is...
Have a new experience!

Do it with little things in your day. The more often you have a new experience, the more alive you become.

Here are some suggestions.

Eat your dinner with the opposite hand.
Have breakfast for dinner.
Take a different route to work or to the supermarket, down streets you've never been on.

Get lost when you have some time. Explore.
Don’t watch TV for three days. Arghhh!
Order something really wacky from the restaurant menu.

Sit in the back seat of your own car, while someone else drives.
Get up early and watch the sun rise.
Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in over five years.

Eat dessert first.
Talk to a stranger in line with you at a supermarket or bank.
Play a practical joke on your best friend.

Check into your favorite hotel for one night.
Find a private safe area and take off all your clothes.
Especially walk barefoot outside, often.

To request Wireless Healing™ click here and get well now!

Health Tip: How to Play the Field

The Energy Field is where all the action is. But how do you get in the door and look around?

Get quiet and relaxed, like starting a meditation.

Slow your thoughts and visions down to slow motion. The slower the thought the more focused you can be.

Decide on your objective. Heal a particular ailment, talk with a certain person, ask a question and listen for answers, set a goal and clear energy for a better outcome or clear energy for an event.

Every idea, thing, person, place has it’s unique energy signature. By simply thinking about it you will be entangled with it. Your signature frequency connects with your targets signature, like a URL on the internet.

Once the connection is made, make your intention happen. There are a variety of ways and you can use one, all of them or make up your own.

  • Close your eyes
  • Visualize your intended outcome or subject matter
  • Work on it by sending white energy light
  • Make a request or prayer
  • Use imaginary tools to do your job, like magic dust, laser machines, futuristic armies of helpers
  • You know when you are done when it gets boring or the image fades out

Most of all have fun. And while you’re at it, help clean up the oil spill.

If you want help from an expert in solving a health, emotional or life problem, email me and we can get ‘er done.

To request Wireless Healing™ click here and get well now!


Entanglement explained in cartoon form. Think how good you’ll feel when you know how it all works.

Click on the link below. If the link does not work, copy and paste into your URL address field.


Any comments or questions on health tips or other topics from Wireless Healing™, please email to drart@totalhealthmethods.com.  I will respond by email or in the next issue.

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