How to Make Your Day and Someone Else’s

Clint Eastwood made that phrase famous. How would you like to be facing the business end of that 357 magnum listening to those words uttered through clenched teeth and squinty no nonsense eyes? Even sitting watching that movie we are all going to have some not so pleasant reaction as Clint dares us to “make […] Read more »

How to Change Your Reality

Are you ready to ponder a weighty subject for a few minutes? If so, here’s a question for you. Is there a reality? Now most people would not give that much thought. But at Wireless Healing™ we love stuff like this. And we will put it to good practical use in the end. Let’s say […] Read more »

How to Feel Fresh and Alive Everyday

I like to travel. Traveling is a sure fire way for me to feel most alive. There is nothing familiar about your surroundings, everything you do has to be negotiated and figured out for the first time in that strange new land. Where you eat, sleep, drive, walk and shower is new. Your eyes are […] Read more »

How to Be and Stay in the Zone

When we speak of energy in Western medicine it is about physiology converting glucose into molecules used for cell energy. In Eastern thinking, energy or Chi is more about invisible energy spots and tapping into that energy with mental focus. You get Chi from food, water, air, sun, earth energy and the Energy Field. The […] Read more »

How Not to Waste a Good Eulogy

The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain said that. I was witness to an eerie Mark Twain type experience since the last newsletter. The Mark Twain moment was for Dr. Victor Frank, DC, a visionary in alternative health and BodyMind healing. A few weeks ago my online chats lit up with […] Read more »