Why You Need Energy Healing

Most of us take nutritional supplements. Why? Because that’s what we are told to do by people who supposedly know what they are talking about. I take them too. I take vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and various others depending on what I want to accomplish at the time. But is this the key to great […] Read more »

Wireless Healing™ Session Exposed

Yes, we know it helps us feel better, have more energy, takes away pain, centers us, helps us get over illness and provides lots of other benefits. But what varieties of tasks is the energy actually doing to your BodyMind with a Wireless Healing™ remote energy session? General Energy Blast The first session activity is […] Read more »

The Placebo Effect: Trick or Treat

You know in the cartoons when Wiley Coyote is chasing the Road Runner so fast he goes over the edge of the cliff still running in mid air? It’s only until he looks down and realizes there is nothing underneath, that he falls splat to the ground. What if he never looked down? Would he […] Read more »