A Quicker and Better Way to Exercise

The benefits of exercise are huge. Not to mention one of the benefits is preventing you from becoming HUGE. You can’t beat an activity that lowers insulin resistance, cuts the risk of colon and breast cancer, increases growth hormone, tones your muscles, burns fat inside and out, slows the aging process,improves circulation, increases your happy […] Read more »

Wireless Healing™ Session Exposed

Yes, we know it helps us feel better, have more energy, takes away pain, centers us, helps us get over illness and provides lots of other benefits. But what varieties of tasks is the energy actually doing to your BodyMind with a Wireless Healing™ remote energy session? General Energy Blast The first session activity is […] Read more »

Is Your Money Flowin’ or Goin’

One of the things we do at Wireless Healing™ is help you manifest what you want and need. And right now, what could be better than manifesting some money and opportunity?  Along with that, how about getting rid of some fear and worry about the economy? These days, you have to be a Zen master […] Read more »