The Life-O-Meter

Seeing as how this is the holiday season, it seems appropriate to turn our attention away from ourselves and onto others. After all, you’ll have plenty of time to be self absorbed when it’s time for New Years resolutions. So we’ve got various efforts and emotions of doing unto others. Take your pick of what […] Read more »

Abandonment: A Story

Have you ever read something that explains a concept so well it sums up all the intellectual theory, personal awareness and even leap frogs therapy hours? The other day I was reading an excerpt I had saved written by Anais Nin from a book called the Winter of Artifice. In a few paragraphs she describes […] Read more »

Get Your Brain Washed, Like It or Not

There are a myriad of emotions that creep into our thoughts. It’s like alphabet soup. You’ve just felt abandoned, betrayed, criticized, discounted, embarrassed, frightened, guilty, heartbroken, incensed, judged, kicked, laughed at, martyred, negative, oppressed, pissed off, quit on, rejected, steamrolled, teased, undermined, vicious, worried, xenophobic, yelled at and zeroed out. Where do you feel it? […] Read more »

How Emotions Can Make You Physically Sick

What are emotions? Where do they live? And how do we keep them from making us miserable sometimes? What they really are is a frequency, just like a thought. The frequencies attract similar frequencies and group together to form molecules and larger matter. Molecules can attach to other similar matter by way of receptors or […] Read more »