You Don’t Get Sick from One Thing

The holidays are over and you may have experienced the cumulative effect. That’s the “one too many”, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” or the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. I prefer to think that the camel buckled to its knees without an injury to its back. And I would like to […] Read more »

The Real Causes of Disease

The immune system has many fights to win everyday to keep you healthy. Your day is like a martial arts movie. You know…our hero, (that’s you) is in the middle of a gang of angry Kung Fu guys all dressed in black and mumbling threats with bad sound dubbing. Remember in our last issue we […] Read more »

Four Reasons the Immune System Can Fail

To err is human. It sure is. And in fact, one of the reasons why we don’t heal quickly, completely or sometimes at all. We have an internal Operating System that controls all of our inner workings, including healing. It takes in information, evaluates it and makes the proper corrections to keep us emotionally and […] Read more »