Why You Need Energy Healing

Most of us take nutritional supplements. Why? Because that’s what we are told to do by people who supposedly know what they are talking about. I take them too. I take vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and various others depending on what I want to accomplish at the time. But is this the key to great […] Read more »

How to Use Energy to Heal and Achieve Goals

The Energy Field is where all the action is. But how do you get in the door and look around? Get quiet and relaxed, like starting a meditation. Slow your thoughts and visions down to slow motion. The slower the thought the more focused you can be. Decide on your objective. Heal a particular ailment, […] Read more »

How Your Body Thinks

The bowling ball leaves your hand and careens down the alley hopefully going right for the sweet spot strike zone. As the ball needs a little more left side drift, your body begins to gyrate to the left in what looks like a frenzied Cajun dance ritual. You are in the throws of embedded cognition. […] Read more »