Animal Healing

Can Wireless Healing™ Help Animals?

Yes. An animal’s internal healing system can get corrupted with functional and physiological errors and those errors can be corrected the same way as humans.

Are Animals Easy to Help?

Absolutely! In fact, animals are easier to heal than people. Rational thought does not get in the way. They have no fixed belief systems to block energy reception and they live in the world of the here and now where energy has the least resistance.

I love working on animals. They are easy; they respond well and have a peaceful energy.

What Kind of Animal Problems Has Wireless Healing™ Helped?

Wireless Healing ™ has helped both physical problems and emotional problems in dogs, cats, horses and other pets and animals.

Physical problems have included correcting urinary blockages, clearing infections, trauma, accelerating healing broken bones, ligament and tendon damage, allergies, kidney disease, various animal related fevers and disorders, digestion problems, colon ulcers, flea and fly contamination, skin conditions, nervous tics, structural abnormalities, thyroid problems, seizures, arthritis and mystery diseases that leave the Vets stumped.

Animals have emotions too. Wireless Healing ™ has helped them with grief from missing another animal or death of their keeper, relocation trauma, fear of loud noises, barking, aggressiveness, nervous urination, past abuse, timid personality, unable to display affection, jealousy, post traumatic stress disorder, fear of objects (common in horses) and general bad habits and personality disorders.

What is Wireless Healings™ Most Valuable Tool for Your Animal?

Wireless Healing™ has highly tuned skills to “read” your animal’s body and mind to determine the nature and source of any problem they might have. This is a very valuable tool, since animals cannot tell you what’s wrong or even if there is anything wrong.

Wireless Healing™ can tell you where the problem is, what caused it, whether your animal is in pain and what your animal is thinking, what is likes, doesn’t like, what food is best etc. After gathering this information, we make the communication corrections to resolve the problem.

How Can I Tell if My Pet is Sick?

Since your pets don’t talk, it is more difficult to know when they feel bad.

Some signs to look for are that the animal may appear lethargic, has loss of appetite, appears to limp or favors a limb. You may notice a different color stool, diarrhea or funny smell to its urine.

The fur may have a matted texture to it, or appear lifeless. The skin may have rashes, be flaky, scabby or smell bad. Their tongue may look coated or their breath has a different odor. Their eyes may look glossy or lifeless.

The animal may appear to be moody or have unusual behavior. It could be scratching more frequently or licking its fur or skin excessively. The animal might hide frequently and want to be left alone. Many animals don’t like to show pain as it displays weakness to it’s predators.

Do Animals Respond to Remote Healing?

Animals are extremely sensitive to energy and silent communication. Remote healing is very effective for them. They sense, experience and utilize energy constantly and on a very high level.

They use non vocal or silent thought communication in a highly developed way. We have all seen birds fly in formation, without any delay or break in the pattern. They seem to fly as one unit with one mind. Fish do the same, while swimming in schools.

How do animals know in advance there is going to be an earthquake? How do they know the night before they are going to the vet, even though you didn’t take out the pet carrier until the next day, and they are already in hiding?

Isn’t it More Effective to Do Sessions on My Pet in Person?

From my experience there is no difference in results in terms of the amount of sessions, how effective or how quickly they respond between in person and remote sessions. In fact, I think remote healing is more effective than an in person session.  The animal is not nervous or suffering from travel trauma and doesn’t disrupt the session with barking, squirming or other distracting behavior.

Besides, you don’t have to look for them in the morning after getting out the pet carrier. It is also less traumatic for you and them, because neither of you have to go anywhere or deal with their “we’re going to the vet” reaction. They don’t even know they are being treated: not to mention the time savings for you.

My ability to “read” the animal goes way beyond any normal physical observance. If there needs to be lab work done or immediate first aid, the animal of course will need to be taken to a Veterinarian for testing and trauma care.

Why Not Have the Vet Take Care of Everything?

First let me say I have complete respect for the skills of the Veterinarian. They are on the front lines of scenes and scenarios that are heartbreaking and on the other end of the spectrum save animals lives. In fact, that was my first choice for a career in the healing arts.

I have many times completely resolved conditions where Veterinarians recommended putting the animal down. Veterinarians will likely give medicine or do unnecessary surgery. Surgery can be traumatic, expensive and worst of all dangerous or ineffective. Medicine will rarely address the cause of the problem and create side effects.

Even holistic Vets have limitations, because lab tests do not reveal everything or even point to the cause of the problem. Remedies and herbs are hard to give and often do not resolve the ailment. There is nothing that compares to energy as the most effective healing agent.

Does Wireless Healing™ Work for Animals Other than Dogs and Cats?

Yes. Anything with a nervous system can be helped. I have helped horses, rats, mice, fish, snakes, hamsters, elephants and others and got great results. Even the special ailments only animals or certain breeds may get can be helped. Your pet can get help now.

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