About Dr. Art Karno, D.C. and Wireless Healing™

Dr Art KarnoDr. Art Karno, D.C. has been in private practice since 1982 in West Los Angeles, Brentwood and Marina del Rey, California, USA. He entered the doorway of the holistic health field through Chiropractic. Dr. Karno, DC is the creator of Wireless Healing™.

It soon became apparent through studying his patient’s multifaceted problems, that Chiropractic and spinal health was only part of the solution to the complicated puzzle of optimal health and well being.

This was the driving force for an ongoing study of cutting edge multidisciplinary techniques, to be able to provide analysis and treatment for an array of physical, emotional and organic imbalances that erode wellness.

Dr. Karno, DC has studied energy principles and energy medicine in various forms from the beginning of his healing career. Wireless Healing™ is Dr. Karno’s unique creation. He developed the system in 2003.

Wireless Healing™ is continually expanding and improving to meet the needs of a population of humans and animals that is seeing more and more complicated varieties of ailments.

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