Four Reasons the Immune System Can Fail

To err is human. It sure is. And in fact, one of the reasons why we don’t heal quickly, completely or sometimes at all. We have an internal Operating System that controls all of our inner workings, including healing. It takes in information, evaluates it and makes the proper corrections to keep us emotionally and physically healthy. It also has the arduous task of managing our entire being.

If the Operating System is in good working order, we heal automatically, quickly and don’t get sick as often.

Our Operating System can fail for the same reasons we as humans fall down on the job. It makes errors, gets overwhelmed and forgets. When any of those three things happen, you won’t heal quickly, heal completely or heal at all.

When an error occurs in the Operating System it puts out errors in the healing instructions. Incorrect healing instructions will cause the Operating System to get and keep you sick.

Another reason is overwhelm. When there are too many tasks to perform, the Operating System gets overwhelmed and can’t finish the healing job.

It can forget. A common behavior trait for us… but in the body? When the illness or problem has been present for a long time, the body or mind adapts in various ways so we can still function. Kind of like putting duct tape around a broken pipe to keep the water flowing. If the adaptation has been there for a long enough time, the Operating System forgets the original problem needs fixing.

The fourth and least common, a lack of nutrients can be both a reason by itself and a cause for the other three. Sometimes the immune system just doesn’t have enough building blocks to work with or electrolytes (minerals) to conduct a frequency correction. Wireless Healing™ can determine if this is the case.

Anyone of these four reasons or flaws will keep the Operating System from doing its job of getting you well.

Wireless Healing™ success is based on communicating with the Operating System, discovering the errors, correcting the errors, reducing overwhelm and reminding the Operating System what it forgot. These elements are the basis to correcting illness. Like an errant child, it sometimes needs to be taken by the hand and shown what to do. What causes these flaws to happen? See next issue.

To err is human, to fix divine.

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